jueves, 10 de marzo de 2011

my fun task " Ecofriendly"

All people is responsible to take care of the environment . Every body can help to keep it heal , saving electricity power , and using the necessary water in our homes . Every body ccan help to impone the environment , every body can be friend of world wide environment as well.

my fun task " trends"

one of the new fashion latelly is the blackberry mobile phones , that every body is using , this is a multifuctional device which allows to read e-mails , social web pages and any other fuction that you need !!!

my fun task " family trends "

My family is a small family , myb sisters ,my mother her husband and me . My parents are divorced and they are married again . with diferent couples now we are two excellent family both. :)

domingo, 6 de febrero de 2011

Katy Perry - Firework

this song is very beautiful , we start talking about how to let our inner ligth shine and let . to the world no matter what happens " you are firework whenever you are !!!

my fun task :) "aquence"

she is a girl living across the street from my aunt. her name is dayari , proves to be a good person . I hope meet her soon...

my fun task :) high school friends !

they are my super friends their name are : "maria gabriela , nilschelyz , diosneyris and daniela !! studied together from small and remain good friends ...!! the best !!

my fun task :) my family

He's my boyfriend, is special person we have 3 years, together and ,we get married soon. :)